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We can work with you in a variety of ways, tailored to your needs and interests. Here are some examples of the types of relationships we can create.

Brian Vikander is a professional photographer and gallery owner located in Bozeman, Montana. Brian has Color Folio do all of his printing - he sends us film, we discuss his goals for each image over the phone and produce both Lightjet 5000and Giclee prints for him. We have also assisted Brian in the use of his images for the web and for promotional materials.


Arjuna Noor, a professional designer and artist, creates unique images by compositing various elements from high resolution Tango drum scans and outputting them on watercolor paper with our Giclee printer. He does all the Photoshop work on these images and softproofs on his monitor using our Giclee ICC profiles to ensure he achieves the expected print results.


Sam Roberts is a professional commercial and fine art photographer. Originally he had Color Folio do all of his scanning, imaging and printing. After taking a number of our training classes in fine art digital printing, he began doing his own Photoshop work and printing. He still sends his film to us to create high resolution Tango drum scans to create the finest starting point for his digital darkroom efforts.