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When Cloning Isn't Enough

When Cloning Isn't Enough

Sometimes you need to remove something in an image that is too large to handle just by using the Rubber Stamp tool. For large removals, cloning with the Stamp tool usually leaves undesirable textures that are visible. Here is our recommended strategy for handling a situation like this.

First, use some general selection tool such as the lasso or the marquee tool to make a rough selection that contains the offending element and some area from which you could steal enough information to hide it. You should be looking for areas that contain similar color, density and texture. Now use cmd-J (cntrl-J on the PC) to create a new layer with all this content on it.

This next step may need to be done more than once to achieve the desired result. Using a slightly feathered lasso, select the object to remove, making the selection a few pixels larger than the object. Now drag the lasso to an area from which you want to steal - simply hold down the mouse inside the selection to drag it.

Now you will copy from this area and move it over the object you are removing. To do this, first switch to the Move tool (hit V on the keyboard) and drag the selection holding down the Option and Cmd keys (Alt and Cntrl on the PC).

After copying this information, you may need to touch up some of the edges using the Rubber Stamp tool.

One of the main advantages of this technique over simple use of the Rubber Stamp is that you are maintaining the texture of the image, including grain structure.