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Below is a brief description of each paper used at Color Folio. The weight of each paper in gsm (grams per square meter) follows the name.

A note about Optical Brighteners (OBAs) - these are additives that most inkjet papers contain in order to make a paper look "whiter" (or brighter). Most papers contain OBAs - those that don't are not as bright and are warmer in tone. The effect of the OBAs fades over time so your prints will ultimately lose that "whiter" effect. As a result, some prefer papers without OBAs to start with, though that is a personal preference.

If you do not see a particular paper that you are interested in, please call us - we can usually arrange to work with you on specific projects with papers we do not stock.

Photo Papers
Epson Premium Lustre 250gsm:
Photographic surface with a RC style lustre finish. This is a popular standard paper for photography with excellent dynamic range and color saturation. Not as heavy as the Fine Art papers, this paper works well when mounted, matted and framed. Contains OBAs.

Epson Premium Glossy 250gsm:
Photographic surface with a glossy RC finish. Not as heavy as the Fine Art papers, this paper works well when mounted, matted and framed, though mounting a glossy paper of this weight may show the texture of the backing through the surface.

Fine Art Papers

Breathing Color Elegance Velvet 300gsm:
Cotton rag paper with a vellum (lightly textured), bright white surface. Excellent dynamic range and saturation for a cotton rag paper. Our most popular choice for the reproduction of paintings. Contains OBAs.

Moab Entrada Bright White 300gsm:
This cotton rag paper with a smooth surface is somewhat brighter than the Optica One and is an excellent choice for photography or other artwork. Contains OBAs.

Harman Glossy Baryta from Hahnemühle 320gsm:
This paper's surface was made to look like an air dried, glossy fibre based wet darkroom print. It has a semi-gloss finish that we prefer to most glossy inkjet papers. The coating contains baryta, a chemical compound often used in darkroom papers to extend tonal range. Contains OBAs.

Hahnemühle Fine Art Pearl 285gsm:
This is a cotton rag paper with a semi-gloss surface similar to air-dried fibre based traditional prints. This paper is a favorite for B&W prints. Contains OBAs.

Epson Mettalic 255gsm:
This unique paper has a glossy RC surface with a silvery metallic finish. It offers high color saturation and produces a very satisfying B&W patina as well.

Breathing Color Canvas:
This is a heavy waterproof canvas with a fine, even texture. It stretches extremely well over stretcher bars. This is a matte canvas that needs to be coated. The coating we use creates a semi-gloss finish that provides the highest level of color saturation and dynamic range of any canvas and protects the surface from moisture and abrasion. This is the only bright white canvas on the market that does not contain OBAs.