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Heidelberg Tango Color Drum Scan Pricing

We recommend that scans from 35mm film not exceed 100mb (rgb) - even fine grained film does not have more useful information in it beyond that resolution. Larger formats can be scanned at larger sizes. Our default color space is J. Holmes, Ektaspace 5 unless you request something else. Dust is cloned from images and files are burned onto archival CDs at no additional charge.

See a chart comparing file sizes and resolutions for different film formats.

Note: It takes more time and materials for us to scan a single frame that is on a strip rather than the single frame by itself. Please cut frames to scan from their strips and send them to us individually. There will be an additional $10 charge per strip to scan images not removed in this way.

Color space (RGB or grayscale) and bit depth (8 or 16) both affect the file size of the scan but do not affect the size of the print you can make. Scan resolution largely determines how large a print can be made from the scan. Each row in the table below represents a single scan resolution. The differences in file size within each row are cause by some combination of color space and bit depth. Pricing is based on resolution so any of the options at the same resolution are priced the same.


50mb 20mb 100mb 35mb $29.95
100mb 35mb 200mb 70mb $39.95
200mb 70mb 400mb 140mb $49.95
300mb 100mb 600mb 200mb $79.95
400mb 135mb 800mb 270mb $99.95
500mb 170mb 1000mb 340mb $115
600mb 200mb 1200mb 400mb $139
700mb 240mb 1400mb 480mb $195
800mb 265mb 1600mb 530mb $250

• Due to the considerable time and materials cost involved in scanning film 8x10 and larger, the minimum price for these scans is $49.95.

Volume Discount Schedule for Scanning
1-14 none
15-25 15%
26-35 20%
36-59 25%


100-199 30%
over 200 call for quote

• Discounts apply to scans only (not to scans that are part of a print package). No other promotional offers can be combined with these volume discounts. Discount cannot be applied to 8x10 film scans. The volume discount only applies to scans of at least 100mb (8bit RGB). It may take longer than our normal 2-3 day turnaround for scans done via the Volume Discount schedule. Please contact us if this is an issue so we may give you an estimate. You may not qualify for the volume discount if the scans are needed by a specific date.