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How to Preflight Your Files for Giclée Printing

The following steps should be taken to prepare your file for Giclée output to the Epson 11800 K3 Ultrachrome printer.

Download Current Paper Profiles (updated 2/18/08)

Paper Profiles

We strongly recommend that you make all edits to your image for Giclée printing using the ICC profiles in softproof mode in Photoshop. You can download those profiles here.

Giclee Profiles for Macintosh Platform
Giclee Profiles for Windows Platform

Place the files in the appropriate profile folder on your machine so they will be visible to applications. On the Macintosh this is the Colorsync Profiles folder within your Library/Colorsync/Profiles folder. Location on the Windows platform is as follows:

Windows 98/ME - \Windows\System\Color
Windows XP - \Windows\System32\Spool\Drivers\Color
Windows NT/2000 - \Winnt\System32\Spool\Drivers\Color

The following file names are associated with available media:

CF_11880BCOO1440_020108.icc Smooth Watercolor Paper
CF_11880BCEV1440_020808.icc Textured Watercolor Paper
11880 BCW 1440 WCRW BA CS1v3.1.icc Breathing Color Canvas
ChromixEpsonCanvas Epson Artist Canvas

Prepare Your File

We strongly recommend that all changes to your files be made on a properly calibrated monitor. For more detailed information about what this means you can visit our Monitor Profiling page. We also strongly encourage you to do small proofs of your images before making large prints. This will allow you to see how your files will print and make any necessary changes. Simply send us smaller preflighted files to output before requesting larger prints. With preflighted files, you are responsible for how the print turns out, so please make sure you take the proper steps to offer the greatest likelihood of an expected result.

Download a PDF file with detailed steps and pictures of how to prepare your preflighted file or keep reading below.

The following standard steps are recommended:

1 Remove all dust, blemishes, scratches, etc.
2 Adjust density, contrast, color balance, etc.
3 Flatten layers and remove any saved alpha channels
4 Size the image as needed. We recommend using between 200 and 360dpi, depending on how many pixels you have in your file and how comfortable you are with upsizing files if necessary. However, you can send us files in any resolution. Note that maximum printable area is 43" wide by any length for the Epson Canvas and the Smooth and Textured Watercolor Papers. Maximum printable area is 59" by any length for Breathing Color Canvas. Maximum Printable Area includes any borders that you add to the file.
5 Sharpen the image as needed
6 IMPORTANT - Add canvas around each image to create borders.
Stroke a 2 pixel black border around the image so that we can trim out the image with the borders you desire
   - Use Edit->Select All to select the entire canvas
   - Use Edit->Stroke to place the stroke mark (use the "inside" option)
If you do not add a canvas and stroke a border, we will trim the sheet down to the image with no border at all.
7 If you are ganging up multiple images onto a single larger sheet, you should lay them out now, flatten that file and send it to us. The total canvas size of all ganged images should be equal to or smaller than one of our standard sheet sizes. We will not trim out the individual images on your ganged up sheet.
8 Use Photoshop's Convert to Profile command to change the color space from the editing space to the appropriate Printer color space. You will need to download the printer profiles and install them on your computer first (see above). You should use either Perceptual or Relative Colorimetric rendering intent when doing this - choose whichever you believe looks best for each image.
8 All files must be sent in TIFF or .PSD file format.


Send the File(s)

We can accept files on CDs or DVDs. Please make sure to send a signed order form along with the disk(s).

You may also ftp your files to us. Please visit our ftp information page to get more information and set up a personal account.