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Giclée Print Packages

Our print packages include everything you need to create the highest quality fine art print. Giclee printing is divided into two parts, the "setup" and the "printing".


The setup stage includes all one time work performed for each image. Our standard setup includes the following

  • 8 bit, 100mb RGB Heidelberg Tango drum scan
  • Up to 1 hour of custom imaging time
  • Several 8x10" proofs
  • Master Image on CD sent to you and archived at Color Folio for reprinting
  • Scans may be upgraded to 16 bit and/or larger sizes
    - cost is difference between desired scan and $39.95
    - see Scan Prices to determine cost of upgrade
  • Prices do not include shipping. Refer to our Shipping Page for information about our policies and practices in shipping prints.
  • If extraordinary time is required on your image, there may be additional charges. While this is rarely required, we will confer with you first if it is

We work on a first come, first serve basis. Typical turnaround for Giclee Print Packages is 2-3 weeks in house, though this may vary depending on current workload.

A signed Color Folio order form must accompany all orders. Click here to download our order form.

For Reprints from the Color Folio archives, visit our Giclee Reprint page.

     Watercolor $175
     Canvas $200


Once the setup work has been performed on an image, it is ready to be printed. For Giclée printing, you purchase sheets of a certain size. Any combination of images and sizes may be combined on the sheet at no extra charge. Sizes must accomodate any borders needed around each print on the sheet.

The following media is available on our Giclee printer:

   Smooth Watercolor Paper
   Textured Watercolor Paper
   Breathing Color Canvas


     Eighth 8.5 x 11" $40 $48
     Quarter 11 x 15" $50 $60
     Half 15 x 22" $75 $90
     Full 22 x 30" $100 $120
     Large 34 x 46"



Protective coating is available (and highly recommended) for canvas prints ($2.30/sq ft, $5 minimum). This provides UV and abrasion protection.