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Giclée Reprints

If we have printed Giclee images for you in the past, you can order reprints by letting us know what size sheet you want, which images to print at what size and with what border on each print. The individual images with their borders must all fit within the square inch dimensions of the sheet size you are purchasing.

We work on a first come, first serve basis. Typical turnaround for Giclee reprints is up to 5 business days in house, though this may vary depending on current workload.

A signed Color Folio order form must accompany all orders. Click here to download our order form.

The following media is available on our Giclee printer:

   Smooth Watercolor Paper
   Textured Watercolor Paper
   Breathing Color Canvas


     Eighth 8.5 x 11" $40 $48
     Quarter 11 x 15" $50 $60
     Half 15 x 22" $75 $90
     Full 22 x 30" $100 $120
     Large 34 x 46"



Coating for Canvas is available for $2.30/sq ft. with a minimum $5 charge.