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Art Websites 101

What makes an effective artist website and why do you need one? These answers to these questions are incorporated in our templates and website packages and allow us to offer you a straightforward solution to creating an effective and elegant website for your art.

Any artist interested in showing their work to others should have a website. There is no more cost effective, compelling way to make your images and information available. A website offers advantages over traditional printed material in various ways. You can show more work and keep it current so new pieces are always at the forefront. Printed material gets lost, is more costly to make and ship and cannot reach as many people. While we don't believe that much original art is sold over the web, your website is an invaluable sales supplement and a superb catalogue that is available to anyone at all times.

An artist website should, first and foremost, be about your art. It's design should be clean and simple in order to let the artwork stand out. Too often, artist websites are overdesigned, use competing color schemes or have that "amateurish" look. The design of your website reflects on your art - it should have an appearance as professional as any venue in which you'd show your work. Design is a specific skillset many artists don't have (it takes years of training, just like any other artistic discipline) and website design is a very special focus within this area. It takes time and money to learn about website construction and to build and maintain them - many artists would rather focus their energy on creating art and let others support that art through tasks such as printing or website construction and maintenance.

Website navigation should be simple, clear and consistent. Visitors should be able to easily find everything they need. Websites should be designed to work with Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator on both Mac and PC platforms, to fit with standard monitor display parameters and to be optimized for fast performance. Unless you know the ins and outs of these technical issues, you are likely to run into problems.

You will need a solution for maintaining the website. Too many sites are launched and then never updated. As you create new work or sell existing work, schedule new shows or classes, change your pricing, etc., you will want to publish this to the site in a timely manner. Otherwise, the site's usefulness becomes dramatically reduced. Too often, web consultants or firms come and go, or are not interested in maintenance once the site is launched. Color Folio is (and has been for many years) committed to supporting you and your images in all ways possible. Our website service is simply the next extension of this ongoing commitment.