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For Painters

Giclee (pronounced zhee-clay) printing is the use of high end inkjet technology to print on fine art media such as watercolor paper and canvas. Detail resolution, color range and saturation are superior to traditional means of art reproduction and the use of pigment based inks offers archival ratings of over 100 years. Often these prints are hard to distinguish from the originals!

Starting with a high resolution drum scan of a color transparency of your work, our master printers adjust color and tonal range to match the original piece of art. Included in our setup charges are multiple proofs that enable you to see exactly how the final print will appear. Once approved, the digital file is archived for future printing, which can be done at various sizes. Different images at different sizes may be ganged up on any sheet for more cost effective printing. Certificates of Authenticity are available for limited editions.

For a description of substrates, click here. For a table showing which are available for each printing process, click here.

You will enjoy the collaborative process we employ to engage you in the reproduction process. All of our staff are practicing fine artists in their own right, allowing us to offer you a unique combination of technical skill and artistic aesthetics.