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Heidelberg Tango Scan Services
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Heidelberg Tango drum scanner

A high quality scan is a critical element in the creation of a digital fine art print. The Heidelberg Tango drum scanner used by Color Folio is the finest scanner in the world and is the machine most sought after by fine artists to start the digital process.

Heidelberg Tango drum scannerWe can scan virtually any size film, color or B&W, transparency or negative. The Heidelberg Tango drum scanner combines a true optical resolution of over 10,000 dpi with a dynamic range of 4.2 to ensure that all the information contained on your film is captured in the scan. Both 8 bit and 16 bit Tango scans are available for optimal post scan processing.

We use a special set of customized ICC scanner profiles to ensure color accuracy and significantly improved shadow detail. These were handcrafted for us by Joseph Holmes, reknowned photographer and color scientist, to specifically extend the range of tonality the scanner captures, opening dark areas of chromes and holding detail in highlights. You'll be amazed at how much clean detail can be revealed in your scans. These profiles enable the Heidelberg Tango to realize it's true potential - we are convinced that our scans are noticeably superior to other Heidelberg Tango drum scans on the market.

Scans are output into a wide gamut RGB color space (or the color space of your choice) to archive the entire range of colors in the film. Film is always wet mounted using KAMI fluid rather than oil, providing superior protection of your film.

Each scan we perform is a custom Heidelberg Tango scan - we take the time to carefullyHeidelberg Tango with Film measure the range of information on each piece of film so that we capture the full tonal range of each image. No blown out highlights or blocked up shadows. Simply put, the highest quality alchemy of film to digital file in the industry!

We advocate the practice of "scan once, output many" by getting the highest quality scan you can - this means you never have to scan the film again but can use it for any purpose. For 35mm film, we recommend a 5000dpi scan, resulting in a 100mb digital file. For larger formats, we recommend up to a 300mb scan, with the resolution varying depending on the size of the film. These scan sizes offer the ultimate combination of quality and cost effectiveness to allow you to print at any size.

For pricing information on our Tango Scanning services, click the link below:
Heidelberg Tango drum scan prices