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The world of digital printmaking is ever evolving, complex and sometimes frustrating. Many people want to learn more about it and some want to master the process themselves so they can take complete control of their art. We can help!

Color Folio's strong commitment to providing ongoing education in the field of digital printmaking can greatly speed your learning process. Through our curriculum of lectures, seminars and workshops, as well as one-on-one training, we have helped hundreds of students learn the finer points of digital printmaking. Whether you simply want to understand the basics to increase your appreciation of digital prints or whether you seek to make your own prints, we have a class for you.

Before signing up for a class, please read our Workshop Policy page.

Fine Art Digital Printing

This class is a two day, hands on class in the Color Folio studio for students who want to work directly with us in a small group. We present everything you will need to know to make superior prints. The focus of the class is on practical color management and presentation of a digital file workflow with Photoshop that maximizes quality and flexibility. We add value on top of what you've learned from books by showing you a pragmatic and intelligent workflow from beginning to end.

You may submit film in advance, which will be drum scanned and ready for you when you arrive, or you may work with original digital files. Approximately half of the two days will be instructional while during the other half you will work on your images under the guidance of Bob Cornelis, founder of Color Folio, to put in practice what you've learned. You will receive a book from the class documenting all of the teaching material.

You will have access during the day to our Epson 11880 K3 Ultrachrome printer for color or B&W printing. Two 100mb scans are included in the price of the course, as well as all proof printing and one final 16x20" print. Using the state-of-the-art equipment in the studio we will cover:

• ICC Color Managed workflows - How to Make Them Work
  - Monitor and printer profiling
  - How and when to apply profiles
• Important Digital File Issues
  - Resolution, bit depth, file formats
• Camera Raw file strategies
• Photoshop techniques and productivity tips including:
  - How to establish optimal tonal range
  - Mastering curves and why that is important
  - Selection strategies
  - The power of layer masks
  - Cloning and Dodge/Burn layers
  - Blending modes
  - Sharpening strategies

• Targeting for Output to Different Printers

• Interpolation Strategies to Upsize Files
• Discussion of HDR Tools and Techniques
• Conversion from Color to B&W
• Discussion of Lightroom and how it fits in your workflow

Some experience with Photoshop is very helpful. If you are unsure whether this class is appropriate for your experience level, please contact us.

Class size: limited to 3 per class
Cost: $495 for 2 day class
Time: 9am-5pm both days

2010 Schedule:
• April
• July
• September
All workshops are held on Friday and Saturday. Since the classes are very small we are flexible about the specific dates - if you are interested in taking the workshop in any of these months, please contact us and let us know which Fri/Sat days you are available and we will try to accomodate everyone's preference.

Because of the small size of these workshops, a $100 non-refundable deposit is required to reserve a space. The balance is due 30 days prior to the workshop dates.




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Individual Training

We are also available for individual one-on-one training sessions on topics of your choice. This is an excellent way to focus your time on what you specifically need to learn or work on and can be arranged either as a supplement to any course or as an extension of it. We will work out a specific set of objectives and a strategy in advance with you to maximize the effectiveness of the time. The cost is $100/hour with a one hour minimum required.

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