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Shipping to Color Folio

We strongly recommend that anything of value be shipped via a carrier providing a tracking number. Our carrier of preference is FedEx, though UPS and DHL offer good service as well. In particular, we do not suggest sending film to us via the US Postal Service unless you request a tracking number.

Make sure film is well protected before sending. Place it safely between sheets of matboard, cardboard, etc. to help prevent bending or puncture.

Shipping from Color Folio

All shipping costs are the responsiblity of our clients and will be added to the final bill (unless you provide us with your FedEx account number on the order form). This includes all proofs, CDs and final prints.

Our default shipping method for proofs is US Priority mail which can take up to three business days to be delivered. A typical shipment of this type (up to 2 lbs) costs $5.

For final prints, or any shipment containing film, our default shipping method is FedEx Express Saver (if it is available in your area, otherwise FedEx 2-day), which can take up to three days to deliver. This is the least expensive FedEx Express Service. We also offer FedEx Ground service.

Cost varies with the weight of the package and its destination. We do not insure your packages beyond the standard default coverage provide by FedEx.

By default, we select "indirect signature required". If no one is home when FedEx attempts a delivery, they should leave a tag on which you can leave instructions about what to do the next time they attempt delivery (leave on porch, leave with neighbor, etc.). If you want us to use "no signature required" please write that on your order form.

Once your package is in the hands of the carrier, Color Folio has no liability for any damage to or loss of your property. Any claims for such damage or loss with the carrier are your sole responsibility.

Typically we ship film and CDs with master files back to you when we ship your final prints. This way we have access to the film throughout the process should we need it. We realize that you may want to compare film to proofs before then and you may request the film to be shipped with your proofs. This will result in increase shipping costs as we will ship the proofs and film using FedEx rather than USPS.

In addition to the FedEx shipping fee, a handling fee is added to your cost for the materials used to protect your prints. Prints up to 24x36" are usually shipped flat in a specially designed box. Larger prints are rolled around a hard core, wrapped in bubble wrap and placed in a sturdy box. The handling fee covers the cost of all the materials used to safely ship your package.

Scan only orders are shipped in a FedEx envelope for smaller orders or a FedEx Box for larger orders. There is no handling charge added for these shipments.

We ask that you inspect your prints for damage within two weeks of their arrival. Requests for replacements after that time are honored at our discretion. We usually place contents other than prints (film, CDs, invoices, etc.) on a separate layer of our packaging from the prints to protect the them. Please inspect all layers of the packaging for this material before throwing it out.

You may always request an change from our default shipping service by specifying a different option on your order form.